Win by conquering your debt

A Forbes article that I referred to yesterday gave millennials five personal finance rules to follow . . .

One of those rules, hire professional advisors, fits right with the advice I have been sharing . . .

That is, work with a real mortgage consultant, not a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

One service you will receive from a real mortgage consultant that you won’t get from a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer is guidance and consulting on your overall personal financial situation.

See the difference between a real mortgage consultant and a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer here.

The typical run-of-the-mill loan officer will only care about getting you the easiest possible loan (not necessarily the best loan for you), that can be closed the fastest, for the loan officer’s quickest paycheck.

A real mortgage consultant will take the long-term view to help you not only with your immediate mortgage financing need, but also your overall financial situation – including how you can be free from your other loans, including this new mortgage.

With that in mind, I refer you to another millennial personal finance rule in the Forbes article – a critically important rule that applies to all of us . . .

Conquer your debt.

This article specifically focuses on millennials running their own company; however, the advice applies to all of us regardless of what generation we belong to, and whether we own a company or not . . .

“An entrepreneur’s personal debt can cripple his or her company. As with all other areas of planning, paying down debt comes down to creating and sticking to a system. . . . have a plan for what additional payments you should make on top of the scheduled amount.”

Your personal debt can cripple your life. Making loan payments makes you a slave to creditors – working for them instead of yourself.

A real mortgage consultant will help you create a system that you can stick with. A real mortgage consultant will help you create a plan – just like the Forbes article says millennials and business owners – and you – need.

Having such a plan from a real mortgage consultant can be very motivating.

While a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer is only interested in getting you into another expensive mortgage loan just to get the commission check, a real mortgage consultant will use this transaction and relationship with you to give you hope and set you on a new course to financial independence.

From the Forbes article . . .

“While debt certainly affects your financial reality, managing the emotional aspect of debt can be just as important to success. College debt, in particular, can feel so daunting that any aspiration of financial freedom seems inconceivable. With a realistic game plan, true entrepreneurs turn seemingly deterring factors like debt into motivation.”

Whether it is college debt like many millennials now find themselves burdened under, or mortgage, car loan and credit card debt that most people find themselves burdened under, having to make loan payments is emotionally draining.

A real mortgage consultant like me can help with a realistic game plan that gives hope . . .

Along with an emotional recharge . . .

That is the first step to financial success – becoming part of the 5% of people who succeed financially rather than the 95% of people who fail.

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