The power of secret money

Where is the secret money?

This secret money is what can propel you to becoming financially free.

Freedom . . .

Freedom from worrying about money, freedom from having to work at a job, freedom from working for money.

You’ll find some ideas for this money in the fifth finance rule here, “Pay Full Price Only If You Have To” – also here and here.

Plus you can find secret money in places you never even thought to look.

People often think that they will experience a major negative change in their lifestyle to make my “No Loan Payments” plan work – and to become financially free.

There may be some small adjustments in your lifestyle that you’ll notice . . .

But there are sources of secret money that won’t change your lifestyle and will move you forward to financial freedom.

For example . . .

Do you get a tax refund?

Then set up your withholding so you don’t get a tax refund, and use that money to become financially free.

Do you pay for whole life insurance?

Then look at possible changes in your insurance to save money on the premium – and use that money to be free.

What is your deductible on your automobile insurance?

If you have a low deductible, consider increasing it and lowering your premium.

These are three ideas of secret money that can help propel you to financial freedom – to becoming part of the 5% of people who succeed financially instead of the 95% who fail.

These sources of secret money do not change your lifestyle, yet they still help you become financially free.

My “No Loan Payments” plan does not necessarily mean you have to cut your standard of living to the bone – and live on bread and water. Of course, it will get you there faster, but it isn’t normally necessary.

And here’s what is exciting . . .

Because you can see the long-term potential, you become willing to do things to get there that most people – the 95% who fail – would be never willing to do.

Because you see the potential to be completely free of all loans in about 5-10 years on your current income including your mortgage . . .

Then to potentially be a millionaire in the same time you would typically pay off a 30 year mortgage, that million dollars could possibly pay back $11,000 per month in interest income without your having to go to work . . .

Because you can see that potential it becomes so much easier to do what it takes to get there.

It becomes easier to find the sources of secret money that you have available to you . . .

The secret money that may mean a minor change – or, if you choose, a major change – in your lifestyle . . .

And the secret money that is available to you but does not really require a significant change in your lifestyle.

This is the power of the secret money.

A real mortgage consultant like me can show you how.

Let’s talk soon!

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