Money – Make Yourself Wealthy

We all have a simple choice in life.

Work for money.

Or make money work for you.

Most people work for money.  They are the 95% of people who fail financially.

The winners – the 5% who succeed financially – make money work for them.

The simple question is . . .

How do you move from the 95% of people who fail – to the 5% of people who succeed?

Think about how life works.

You go to work every day.  You earn a paycheck.

The government takes a big chunk right off the top.  You only get a portion of the money you earned.

Then, if you are the typical American household, you make credit card payments, car payments, and a mortgage payment – and maybe more loan payments as well.

Those loan payments consume another big chunk of your income.

Leaving you with only a small percentage of what you work for to pay everything else.

It’s like being on a treadmill . . .

Always working, and working – never getting ahead.

While others become wealthy – and you keep working.

You need to change that equation . . .

Think about the loan payments you pay . . .

Take the mortgage for example . . .

Add up the mortgage payments you would pay over 30 years, you will pay back at least twice what you borrowed.  Borrow $150,000 for a house, and you will pay back at least $300,000 over 30 years.

That’s like 100% interest – even though the stated interest rate is like 4%.

And that extra $150,000?  The interest . . .  You work for that money.  Then you pay it to the lender.

They get rich.  You do the work.  They sit there and collect it.  And become rich.

How do you change that equation?  In your favor?

So that you receive the money?  And you become rich – from your work.

The key is to pay off your loans quickly.  More quickly than most people even imagine is possible.

The good news is that a typical American can pay off all loans – credit cards, car loans, the mortgage, and any other loans – typically in about 5-10 years on their current income – if they know what to do, and they follow the right plan.

Then take that same money that was wasted on loan payments and invest it for themselves – making themselves rich, not the lender.  Potentially becoming a millionaire – in the same time most people pay off the mortgage the regular way.

This could be true for you too!

You could become wealthy from your work, instead of making the lender wealthy from your work.

A typical run-of-the-mill loan officer will probably never tell you that, and certainly not show you how to do it.

A real mortgage consultant will help you get the right mortgage loan in the first place so you have the best chance to pay it off quickly.

A real mortgage consultant will help you with a plan to pay off all your loans – and your mortgage – more quickly than you might have imagined.  Then potentially become a millionaire in the same time you would normally pay off your mortgage the regular way.

Then the money you work for can make you rich, instead of them.

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