Your first new opportunity

New opportunities . . .

A total change in your approach . . .

Not just a tweak here or there . . .

As I said yesterday, it takes a total change to move you from the 95% who fail to the 5% who succeed financially.

The 5% are doing things dramatically different than the 95% – you need to do so also.

So, what are some of these total changes?

First and foremost, it’s how you handle your finances.

It is crucial to purge this idea out of your lifestyle that making loan payments is normal.

This is critical!

You can not be financially successful and make loan payments – the two simply do not go together!

The 95% of people who fail are making loan payments.

Car payments, credit card payments, student loan payments, other payments.

They are making creditors wealthy, and working for money.

Someone else gets rich, and they keep working like a slave.

No wonder they end up as financial failures!

The 95% who fail don’t even realize what they are doing – or they realize it and they are not changing their habits.

The only loan payment you should even consider making from this point forward is a mortgage payment for your home – and then only until you can pay it off quickly.

Here’s the exciting truth that the 95% doesn’t even know, or they do not do . . .

It is possible for a normal family to pay off all of their loans – credit cards, car loans, student loans – and their mortgage – usually in about 5 to 10 years on their current income.

You can have a plan to get these loan payments out of your life forever!

Think about it . . .

Potentially 10 years from now, you could have no loan payments at all!


If you had started 10 years ago, you could be totally free of loan payments today!

You could then take the same money you were wasting on loan payments and invest it for yourself.

This is how money starts working for you instead of your working for money.

When you have money in investments, and those investments produce a positive cash flow, the money you need to live on comes in automatically every month – whether you go to work or not!

You have total freedom to do what you want with your time. Maybe you’ll volunteer, or travel, or maybe you’ll continue to work, but at a job you like, rather than a job you have to have just for the money.

A normal family, when they pay off their loans in about 5 to 10 years, then take that same money they were wasting on loan payments and invest it, could potentially become a millionaire in the same time they would normally pay off a 30 year mortgage.

A million dollars put away in investments could potentially pay you $11,000 per month in interest income!

$11,000 that would come in automatically every month – without your having to work for it.

How many people earn $11,000 per month working at their job?

Instead, you can have money working for you instead of your working for the money.

This is the power of being free of all loans.

This is why I became a real mortgage consultant 18 years ago . . .

So I could teach this to my mortgage customers . . .

Help them get the best possible mortgage in the first place . . .

Then pay it off quickly . . .

That is how you get the lowest cost mortgage.

You don’t get the lowest cost they way a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer thinks you do – or like the 95% who fail think you do – by looking for the lowest interest rate and fees.

You get the lowest cost by paying the mortgage off quickly . . .

Then investing the same money that was wasted on loan payments so that you become wealthy instead of the lender.

It’s a totally different approach . . .

It’s a totally new opportunity . . .

A new opportunity that most people have no clue about . . .

A new opportunity that can move you from the 95% of people who fail to the 5% of people who succeed . . .

And it’s much easier to do than you might think . . .

If you know what to do and you do it.

And that is what I help my mortgage customers to do.

When you work with me, a real mortgage consultant, I will help you develop your plan, and be available to help you make it successful for you.

The mortgage loan is no longer just a standalone transaction – it now becomes the beginning of your future financial success . . .

When you choose a real mortgage consultant like me instead of a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

It’s your choice . . .

And your whole financial future depends on it . . .

The difference between continuing as part of the 95% who fail, or becoming part of the 5% who succeed.

What if you feel as though you don’t have enough time left to make it work for you?

I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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