Don’t wait before it’s too late

I came across an interesting article today outlining how home prices are continuing to rise, and in many states are beginning to approach the highs of the mid-2000s.  You can see this article here in the article “Supply/Demand Pushing Home Prices Higher.”

The article shows a map of the United States and illustrates how each state is doing with its home prices compared to the peak a few years ago.  A graph clearly provides a picture of the continuing increase in home prices beginning in early 2012.

What does this mean for you?

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, now would be a great time before housing prices go even higher and before interest rates climb out of their historic low territory.

If you still haven’t refinanced your mortgage to the current low rates, you have a better chance of getting a good appraisal valuation than has been possible in years.

A quote in the article states that all signs point to continuing higher prices this year.  So don’t wait!  Whether you’re thinking of buying or refinancing, act now before it’s too late!

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