Using coffee to become financially free

Typical Americans can become financially free, including their mortgage, usually in about 5-10 years on their current income – if they know what to do and they do it.

You could too!

And coffee could help you.

This idea was mentioned by a New Zealand mortgage website, and it’s worth passing along to you.

What you do about coffee can help free you from mortgage payments and could potentially help you become a millionaire with financial freedom in the same time you would normally pay off a 30-year mortgage.

Think about it.

If you make a habit of stopping in for your morning coffee every day, or even some days, think about how that $3 to $5 each time adds up.

Even a simple daily $3 coffee from the coffee shop adds up to costing you an extra $20,000 on your mortgage. Make it a $5 daily coffee and that costs you $30,000.

Am I saying to give up coffee?

Not necessarily.

What could a little change in your daily habits do for your potential financial freedom?

Could you cut back to just once in a while, instead of daily?

Could you make it at home and bring it with you?

How could you apply this idea to other habits?

Each small changes can add up to have massive results.

It could be the difference between being a financial slave to lenders for the rest of your life, or potentially becoming a millionaire with financial freedom in the same time you would normally pay off your mortgage.

Make a few short term adjustments and gain a major long-term benefit.

It’s your choice.

Your future.

And your life.

Make the choice to be wealthy.

Let me help. I’d love to help however I can.

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