Cash – the best way to financial freedom

As a real mortgage consultant, I believe that the best way to buy and own a home is with cash.

Ironic, isn’t it, that I arrange mortgage financing for people, yet I believe that we should own our homes without a mortgage?

That’s what sets me apart as a real mortgage consultant from a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most people cannot afford to buy a home with cash. If they had to wait to have the cash, they may never own a home.

So, the next best thing is to buy the home with mortgage financing, then pay it off as quickly as possible.

Mortgage Home Loan Calculator - Using Cash to Become Debt Free

That is why I became a real mortgage consultant, to help you with a loan for one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, buying a home, and helping you to do it the right way. Then helping you on how to become financially free.  

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On the other hand, a typical run-of-the-mill loan officer is only interested in getting the loan closed, collecting the commission check, and moving on to the next person, probably forgetting you even existed. Never mind helping you buy and finance the home the best way for you, then staying available to help you even after the loan closes.

With that in mind, I found this article that gives the “5 reasons not to purchase your home with cash”.

One reason this article gave to get a mortgage is to keep some liquidity – in other words, to keep some cash on hand.

I agree that liquidity is important, and you do not want to run yourself short of cash. What I teach will help you have plenty of cash, sooner and more of it than 95% of the population.

The article says that if you qualify for a mortgage, then you should get a mortgage. It says that people are more comfortable now taking on debt than they used to be.


That’s like saying people are more comfortable with slavery today than they used to be – because that’s what being in debt is like, slavery to lenders.

The article says your money may be better invested elsewhere. I disputed that idea in yesterday’s email.

There’s more but I think you get the idea.

Owning your home free and clear, with no mortgage, is the best way.

But you will probably need the mortgage loan to buy your home. Most people do – and it’s okay, for now.

Let me help you do it the right way – then show you how to pay it off quickly, plus all of your other loans – so you can be part of the 5% of people who succeed financially, not the 95% who fail.

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